Monday, April 15, 2013

Do Bombs Kill People Too?

Sometimes I wish we could live in our own little bubble and protect our children from all the evil and violence of today.   All the recent shootings, the Abortionist Gosnell story, and today's Boston bombing, just add to the atrocities of our day.  

Is there a solution to all these mass murders?  Is the answer in tighter restrictions-so called gun control?  Will this reverse the feelings of anger, sadness, and revenge?  Will this replace violent tendencies?  Or will they find another way to kill others or themselves?  

The hands behind the guns kill.  

And what about these shooters who are behind the guns?  Do we ignore the fact that so many-recent and not so recent-shootings have been linked to psychiatric drugs-those that list violence, homicidal tendencies, and suicide as their side effects?  (source) (source)  (source) (source)   The reason for being on those drugs can be numerous, but it makes me wonder, did God really intend for us to use such things that are supposed to make us better but can cause such horrific things?  

What's the story behind today's bombings?  Can we take away all the makings of a bomb and expect things to get better? What took the lives of innocent people today and injured numerous more?  

The hands assembling the bomb kill.

What about each heartbeat within a mother's womb that begs to be given a chance at life?  Is it the tools and instruments that kill an innocent babe's life?     

The hands of an abortionist kill.
The mothers and fathers kill their "unwanted" one. 

There is a solution!  Our hope is in the Lord!  We NEED God in our lives-in our schools, at the dinner table, in our relationships with others.  We NEED to see God in those we encounter each day.  We NEED to know God in order to seek forgiveness when we've gone astray.  We NEED to love God so we can grow in holiness and virtue.  We NEED to serve God, bringing God to those who do not know Him, do not love Him, or do not serve Him.  We NEED God to reverse the state our country and our world are in today.  Where do we begin??  It starts with YOU!


  1. Some good thoughts, Danielle. Mind if I share this in my round-up?

    1. Sure Erika! Would love to have others read a different angle or if they believe as I do in the post above, to just be encouraged to live out their views!